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Another way, an extension to Treespec   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 21,2018 at 17:22
In Response to: [ZEP] Selective Branch Collapse (Art Kocsis)

\ Treespec
A new F? toggle to disable logging of each level on the selected path.
Possibly a third toggle on F5 edit, because i expect that you would have to type the names in and not use autocomplete, because autocomplete would cause logging.

Then you unlog the big tree, then do one or more of these new Treespec mode commands.

Then the minimum needed to get to the directories would be logged.
I would expect the left hand marker to be "-", just like when Shift-Numpad-minus is used.

i.e. my proposal is to have a way only only log the directories you are interested in, leaving other directories unlogged, instead of the "unlog all but here" that was suggested. The advantage of my suggestion is that it easily handles the two directory case.

If that was coded, then a way to do the same thing in Zlist files would be good.


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