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Do you have a 'Fn'' key on your keyboard?   [Help!]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: May 22,2018 at 19:19
In Response to: Do you have a 'Fn'' key on your keyboard? (Peter Shute)

> > I've seen some new laptops that highjack the F1 - F12 keys for
> > their own "more important" hardware functions, like screen
> brightness
> > up & down, sound level up & down & mute, DVD play & pause & rewind &
> fast
> > forward, etc., etc.
> >
> > You then have to press & hold the "Fn" key to use the F1 - F12
> keys!
> > Cause, you know, [sarcasm] modern software doesn't use those keys
> > anymore, do they? Thanks, pc makers for making our lives
> easier/better.
> > [/sarcasm]. :-(
> What brands have you seen that with, Greg? I've only ever seen it set
> to press Fn for the other functions.
> If this is how it's going, does this mean users are totally abandoning
> function keys? I must admit I rarely use anything other than F5 in any
> program other than Ztree these days. Occasionally F3, and very
> occasionally F4. I would access the Fn functions on a laptop maybe once a
> month, if that.
> It's a pity it never became a standard to use a function key to save.
> I would have made it F1. I must press Control-S 100s of times a day.
> Given the hours of work I've seen lost by users over the years because
> they don't save regularly (often only once per document), it would have
> been of great benefit.

The Fn key appearing on laptop computers is not new, it's been there for many years on Dell, HP and Asus that I've used and seen. Most desktops have had separate hardware function keys above the F1 - F12 keys, IIRC.

It's the DEFAULT SETTING in the CMOS of the F1 - F12 to the hardware functions that I think is new, and annoying. The F1 for Help was, I thought, a standard software function that EVERY program had (dunno so much about "apps"). And the F5 for refreshing my browsers is almost part of my touch typing routine, as is the F3 in ZTW.

In fact, I'm typing this on my son-in-law's 6-month-old Dell that has this, right now!!! I've pointed this out to him and he says, "Yeah, isn't it great? It's so much easier to control the laptop that way!" [rolling eyes]

So, I've resisted the temptation to reset the CMOS when I'm babysitting the grandkids, like now. I already annoy him enough by forgetting to turn off the closed captioning on his TV when I leave. ;-)

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