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Do you have a 'Fn'' key on your keyboard?   [Help!]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: May 22,2018 at 22:49
In Response to: Do you have a 'Fn'' key on your keyboard? (Peter Shute)

> > It's the DEFAULT SETTING in the CMOS of the F1 - F12 to the
> hardware
> > functions that I think is new, and annoying. The F1 for Help was, I
> > thought, a standard software function that EVERY program had (dunno
> so
> > much about "apps"). And the F5 for refreshing my browsers is
> almost
> > part of my touch typing routine, as is the F3 in ZTW.
> Yes, it's the new default that I was wondering about. Have they
> changed the colour of the keys? It used to be that F1-F12 on Dells was
> printed white like the other keys, while the alternate function symbols
> were printed red like the Fn key, making it obvious that you had to press
> Fn to use them.
> Have they changed the colours, as well as the default?
> The reason I'm interested is because I regularly have to help people
> over the phone to get their laptops connected to projectors, and often
> they need to use an Fn combination to do that. If I will now have to get
> them to also try it without the Fn key, it doubles the number of things
> they need to get right.

No, Peter, there is no color correlation, on this new Dell, between the Fn key and either the hardware or software functions of the F1 - F12 keys. In this case, however, it may due to the backlit keys where the lettering is actually a translucence that is quite easily read in the dark. (This is opposed to my wife's HP laptop with opaque backlit keys that cannot be read in the dark because the letters seem only painted on the top! The backlighting does, at least, show where, in the dark, the keys are located!!}

The translucent F1 - F12 is located in the upper left corner of those keys on the Dell, while the translucent hardware function icons are in the lower right corner. To my mind the upper left, being first read in normal order of reading, should be the first function; the default. But, that's just another example of my illogical thinking, I guess.


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