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Closed Caption teaches kids to read   [Help!]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: May 24,2018 at 02:43
In Response to: Closed Caption teaches kids to read (Paul Laufer)

> > babysitting the grandkids, like now. I already annoy him enough
> by
> > forgetting to turn off the closed captioning on his TV when I leave.
> > ;-)
> On a note unrelated to Ztree. The day our daughter was born, the closed
> caption was enabled on our TV, and it assisted in teaching her to read.
> She walked into kindergarten already reading like a champ. I would
> present the idea to him that his children will gain reading skills if
> they leave it on. :)

It also teaches ancient old me new language skills! When used in conjunction with Google, the wife and I learn the meaning behind many foreign, mostly British, phases; such "mind your Ps and Qs" meaning hold on to your pints and quarts in the pub.

Yes, all 5 of my, now 40+, kids grew up with CC and I like to think that they are also quite literate. Coincidence? I think not! ;-)

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