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Try AltGr   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 26,2018 at 05:20
In Response to: [Help!] Dead keys not working - is it a Ztree issue ? (Laurent Duchastel)

> On my French-Canadian keyboard layout, to get è,È,à,ö,ï,ç, I
> first type a dead key (`, ¨, ¸, etc.) and then the letter.
> Example : ` + a = à
> Any hint ?

I did some testing

Win8.1, ZTree 2.4.181
Added French (Canada)
Switched input methods by the system tray

I ran osk.exe to see where the keys are
;èà are right of l, i.e. don't need to dead keys to get them
right of p, then a,e,o gives â,ê,ô
shift right of p, then i,o gives ï,ö
ç two right of p
I couldn't see how to do the "¸" (tail on ç) as a dead key
AltGr ` or ~, then e, o gives è õ in ZTree, but using ctrl-alt instead does not in ZTree but does in cmd and Firefox

So you might have to use AltGr to get to the ` and ~ dead keys in ZTree.
Also the other characters that can be accessed by Ctrl-Alt-? work in Firefox but in ZTree they give "?" instead, for those AltGr-? has to be used in ZTree.

As for the reason why, I don't know.


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