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Try AltGr   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 26,2018 at 11:32
In Response to: Try AltGr (Ben Kent)

> I ran osk.exe to see where the keys are
> ;èà are right of l, i.e. don't need to dead keys to get them.
> right of p, then a,e,o gives â,ê,ô

There are different layouts used in Canada.
The "Canada Multilingue Standard (CMS)" is widely used in the English part of Canada, where French writing is mostly a second language (if not a foreign one!)
On this layout, dead keys aren't as dominant.

In Quebec, the French-Canadian layout is preferred, especially for people with typewriters habits and/or with the mostly dominant material keyboards which display this layout.
This has been my layout for 30 years ;-)

> I couldn't see how to do the "¸" (tail on ç) as a dead key
The dead key cédille (¸) would be on the ] key.
The dead key tréma (¨) would be Shifted on the same key.
To get the diacritic itself, one must type the dead key + space.

> So you might have to use AltGr to get to the ` and ~ dead keys in
> ZTree.

This doesn't work. Alt-Gr is used to type the Alternate characters.
For instance, on US keyboard, the key ' " is mapped as ` ` dead key and { as alternate. If I alt that key, I get {, not the diacritic required to ends in à for instance.

The real point is that I shouldn't have to change my typing layout or use typing hacks. Have been using the French-Canadian layout with ZTree *for ages( without any problems.
But somewhere along software development (either Windows or ZTree), dead keys stopped working. And ZTree seems to be the only software on my machine who has this issue. This not means however that it is the source of the problem as Microsoft changed many things in recent versions of Windows. So this is what I'm trying to figure out.

Laurent Duchastel

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