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[Help!] Still struggling   [Help!]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: May 29,2018 at 18:37
In Response to: [Help!] Alt-copy, 3 options not enough? (Leonard R. Miller)

> I'm ready to copy my 32 Gb of user files to my new Win 10 desktop.
> I know, I should know better as I've been using Ztree for more than 20
> years but I never have understood completely the 3 options available.
> So I tagged 2 of my jpg files as a test. Here's what they look like at
> the source:
> D:\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> D:\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> At the destination, here's what they look like:
> Option 1 (Paths are full)
> c:\users\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> Option 2 (Paths are current)
> c:\users\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> Option 3 (Paths are relative)
> c:\users\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\img0809.jpg
> I mostly like option 1 except that it has a redundant USERS directory.
> What am I missing?

I'm still struggling to wrap my brain around a massive copy operation, my old computer to the new one. Here's what the two files look like now, and what I want them to look like after the copy. Basically, going from the old Box Sync directory to the new one.

Destination directory
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box Sync\

Source directory
"D:\Users\Box Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChainEnlargedIMG_0848.jpg"
"D:\Users\Box Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\IMG_0902.JPG"

After copy, files should look like (sorry for the premature wrap)
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChainEnlargedIMG_0848.jpg
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box Sync\IMG_0902.JPG

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