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[Help!] Make my compressor work, or find a freebie that does   [Help!]

By: John Wright     St.Joseph MI, USA  
Date: May 30,2018 at 14:27

I have been on ZTree forever.
Ctl-F5 and Alt-F5 used to work, but since I went to Win10 they do not. I have an old PKZip (version unknown) that won't work on Win10. I downloaded & installed the free Express Zip from NCH Software (personal non-commercial use). That was used to unzip the latest ZTree v2.4.184. This gets invoked for Alt-F5 to unzip an existing .zip -- but Ctl-F5 to compress a group of files tries to hit the first compressor listed in Archiver.bb2 (which is PKZip 4.x/5.0, which I don't have) … so it fails. Express Zip is not listed in Archiver.bb2. So my query is an "either/or".

EITHER provide an Archiver.bb2 entry for Express Zip v5.07

--OR-- point me to a free (forever) compressor that Archiver.bb2 works with

Thanks loads for whatever help you can provide.

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