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Wow! That all worked good!   [Help!]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: May 30,2018 at 18:16
In Response to: use correct Branch Roots, then Alt-Copy or Alt-Mirror (Hartmut Schneider)

> > Destination directory
> > C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box_Sync\
> >
> > Source directory
> >
> "D:\Users\Box_Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChainEnlargedIMG_0848.jpg"
> > "D:\Users\Box_Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\IMG_0902.JPG"
> >
> > After copy, files should look like (sorry for the premature wrap)
> >
> C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box_Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChainEnlargedIMG_0848.jpg
> >
> C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box_Sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\IMG_0902.JPG
> (I changed "Box Sync" to "Box_Sync" in your example to prevent line
> wrap)
> Hello Leonard,
> I have set Configuration Option CO-5X
> Alt-Copy, Move and Mirror - X
> Default path mode to 'Current'.
> With this setting, ZTree works the clearest (in _my opinion at least):
> - Position Source Pane on D:\Users\Box_Sync\
> - and Destination Pane on C:\Users\Public\Documents\
> Both methods, Alt-Copy and Alt-Mirror, now offer you

> to copy the 'source branch' (Box_Sync) to the Destination directory
> (Documents),
> which includes the creation of the Source Branch Root Directory
> (Box_Sync) with no extra prompt.
> Also, the 2nd prompt in the Alt-Copy / Alt-Mirror commands is now very
> clear:
> (here a copy/paste of first and second prompt)MIRROR: Duplicate Branch & COPY logged files
> To: C:\Users\Public\Documents
> MIRROR: Duplicate Branch & COPY logged files
> To: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Box_Sync\*.*
> Source: Paths are (current) Full Curr Rel ◄─┘ OK
> NOTE: Don't forget to fully log the Source Branch.
> If part of the branch is unlogged, Alt-Mirror silently creates EMPTY
> target directories
> for each unlogged source directory, and you may not be aware of it
> afterwards...
> Hartmut

Your script of instructions worked perfectly for all six branches that contained 32GB files. That's a massive undertaking which involved 18,266 files.

By the way, I used the Mirror command.

The only glitch I ran into was my own fault. I had created the empty target directory Boxsync before running the command. On that first branch this gave me a redundant Box_sync directory. I simply pruned that directory, then repeated the process. For the other five branches it was easy peasy.

I'd like to say that the whole process was intuitive, that I could've eventually figured it out, but I honestly don't think that would have happened. I've been an occasional Ztree user for some 20 years and still find some things difficult, lacking intuition. It's only because of people on this forum like you, Harmut, that make some of these tasks possible.

Thank you.
Len Miller

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