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update your Archiver.bb2 for 7-Zip !   [Help!]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: May 31,2018 at 03:39
In Response to: [Help!] Find a freebie that does - 7-Zip (John Wright)

> I had tried 7-Zip, but it produces .7z files ... but I need something that
> produces .zip files. If 7-Zip has an option to do that I'm all ears.

I'm using 7-zip for years now, and it works fine for me, even on Win10.

Take a look back to Colin's post. He provided his Archiver.bb2 entries for 7-zip.
His link goes to a .txt file which you can paste at an appropriate position within your Archiver.bb2 file.

He has set up several 7-Zip 'control blocks' for several compression formats supported by 7-zip:
7-Zip 16.0 for zip
7-Zip 16.0 for 7z
7-Zip 16.0 for TAR
7-Zip 16.0 for ISO
7-Zip 16.0 for MS
7-Zip 16.0 for CH
7-Zip 16.0 for WI
7-Zip 16.0 for EX
7-Zip 16.0 for GZ

Order matters!
---- Compress: ----
When you hit Ctrl-F5 to compress tagged files, ZTree takes the first entry ('control block') for compressing.
So you should put these new 'control blocks' _before_ the other control blocks in Archiver.bb2.
[ In case you entered a destination file including the desired extension, e.g. path\file.zip, ZTree offers only those entries that match the 2nd line in the control block ('Normal extension for archives'). ]

Choice prompt:
Within Ctl-F5 command prompt, after destination file and ENTER, you can chose which of the possible entries ZTree uses for compressing, by hitting A or Shift-A:
Archiver: 7-Zip 9.20 for .ZIP [LFNU NAP] or after hitting 'A' , e.g. here:
Archiver: PowerArchiver Command Line 4.01 [LFN,EXT]

---- Decompress: ----
When you hit Alt-F5 on a compressed or .exe file,
ZTree takes the first entry ('control block') that matches the signature (see 3rd and 14th line in the control block) to decompress the file.
ZTree informs the user which entry it uses for decompressing: The 3rd line in the Menu/command area at bottom shows , e.g. here:
7-Zip 9.20 for .ZIP [LFNU NAP]

Hope that helps

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