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InfoZip works fine on Windows 10   [Help!]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: May 31,2018 at 03:51
In Response to: [Help!] Make my compressor work, or find a freebie that does (andreas)

> hi John!
> > I have an old PKZip (version unknown) that won't work on Win10.
> maybe old 16bit DOS version that stopped working with Win7 and up!?
> > This gets invoked for Alt-F5 to unzip an existing .zip
> UNzipping is handled by the unzip32.dll provided with ZTree
> > point me to a free (forever) compressor that Archiver.bb2 works with
> since eons I'm using InfoZip (infozip.sourceforge.net). just put
> unzip.exe+zip.exe in the ZTree dir. no need to tweak ARCHIVER.BB2; it
> already has a perfect "InfoZip ZIP 3.0/Unzip 6.0" entry
> can't tell you however if this works with Win10 but can't see a
> reason why it shouldn't.

I use it on my Windows 10 machine, and it just works.


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