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Do buffers mess with verification?   [Discuss]

By: Andreas Boehlk     Celle, Germany  
Date: Jun 15,2018 at 00:51
In Response to: Do buffers mess with verification? (Ron Metzger)

I am using QNAP for me and my customers quite a lot and sometimes errors emerge when copying big amounts of data, especially when using WLAN and old drivers are in use.
I have tried lots of things, the APIT-switch as well (it is fantastic, love it), but it does not help in this case. The only thing that helps is a checksum-comparison, either during or after the copy/move-process. And one of the possible solutions is Teracopy, which I prefer, even though I could not find a way interacting with ZTree, despite it can substitute the Windows copy/move, but only from within the explorer.


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