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[Q] Can ZTree (Will ZTree be able to) handle case sensitive files and folders?   [Q]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Jun 21,2018 at 15:21
In Response to: [Q] Can ZTree (Will ZTree be able to) handle case sensitive files and folders? (Peter Shute)

> > This is confusing. NTFS has always been case sensitive (at least in
> > Win2K & XP - the latest I have), the API are not. It is Windows that
> > is/was not case sensitive.
> Not sure what you mean. Windows has always correctly stored the file
> and dir names using the case specified, but hasn't allowed
> "duplicates" using different case.

Indeed, because (almost) everything in Windows uses those same (case-aware, but not case-sensitive) APIs.

> Are you saying it's always been technically possible to store files
> of the same name but different case on an NTFS system?

Yes: for example, using Linux on a dual-boot machine, I once managed to create file names with identical names except for the case in a single directory on my NTFS-formatted Windows drive.
I managed to fix it in Windows using ZTreeWin's sequential rename feature using :00:. It was easier than rebooting to Linux, renaming the file, and rebooting back to Windows.

When using Windows 10's Windows Subsystem for Linux, any new directory you created from Linux was also case-sensitive. It's now possible to do this from within Windows itself, too.
I'm curious as to how Windows software can determine whether a directory is case-sensitive or not, and whether there is any existing Windows software that takes this into account...


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