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Basic functionality seems to work fine, compare not so   [Q]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Jun 21,2018 at 15:37
In Response to: [Q] Can ZTree (Will ZTree be able to) handle case sensitive files and folders? (Andrew Watson)

I just tested it by creating a few directories using WSL Bash (which makes directories case-sensitive by default), and created two files, TEST.txt and test.txt. ZTreeWin handles them fine: it lists them separately, [V]iew shows their respective (different) content, and [Ctrl-C]opying them works without a hitch.

[Alt-C]ompare doesn't seem to work properly, though: I compared the original directory and the copied one for [U]nique or [B]inarily (different) files; one file was tagged, but no the other, whereas both files are identical. I can only surmise that TEST.txt in one dir was compared to test.txt in the other.

Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised if things went wrong whenever ZTreeWin internally looks up a file by name, since I expect that it will always do that without looking at case. But anything that's done to a specific file will work OK.

Opening them in Notepad++ seems to work OK, too, but only if opening them in separate windows. If I open one of them in Notepad++, and then the other one in the same window, Notepad++ thinks "hey, I've already got this file open", and activates that tab.


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