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Basic functionality seems to work fine, compare not so   [Q]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jun 21,2018 at 17:20
In Response to: Basic functionality seems to work fine, compare not so (Martijn Coppoolse)

> [Alt-C]ompare doesn't seem to work properly, though: I compared the
> original directory and the copied one for [U]nique or [B]inarily
> (different) files; one file was tagged, but no the other, whereas both
> files are identical. I can only surmise that color="#003399">TEST.txt in one dir was compared to size="3" color="#003399">test.txt in the other.
> Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised if things went wrong
> whenever ZTreeWin internally looks up a file by name, since I expect that
> it will always do that without looking at case. But anything that's done
> to a specific file will work OK.

If it doesn't do anything to the case, surely it would compare with the correct file. It sounds like either Ztree or an API call is converting to upper or lower case somewhere. I wonder if one of us, sometime in the last few decades, complained that a compare failed because the case of one file was different, and Kim "fixed" it.

> Opening them in Notepad++ seems to work OK, too, but only if opening
> them in separate windows. If I open one of them in Notepad++, and then
> the other one in the same window, Notepad++ thinks "hey, I've already
> got this file open", and activates that tab.

That's an interesting one, and also sounds like there's deliberate case conversion. I wonder how Word and Excel go in this situation.

I expect we'll start to hear about more and more of these, although I can't see a great demand for enabling it yet. I'm not convinced there was ever much point to it in Linux anyway. I often use "camel case" in file names to make them easier to read without adding spaces, but it could make it painful to type if you had to get it just right when referring to one of them. But I expect that debate has been had many times in the Linux world, and it's interesting that Microsoft is giving in to it.

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