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[ZEP] Esc while Alt-Mirror NOT delete all target files   [ZEP]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jun 21,2018 at 17:34
In Response to: [ZEP] Esc while Alt-Mirror NOT delete all target files (Laurent Duchastel)

> > Perhaps both sync options need to display a summary of what they're
> > going to do. Eg:
> > "4926 files and 200 directories will be deleted from the destination
> > branch because they don't exist in the source. Do you wish to
> proceed?
> > Yes/No/List"
> > or
> > "597 files and 22 directories will be copied from the destination to
> > the source because they don't exist there. Etc"
> That would be interesting as an additional warning to the existing one.
> I am not sure it would however help to undo disaster.

Yes, I was only suggesting it as a preventative measure. Being told many files will be deleted would be enough to stop most people.

> What would be useful in time of disaster is a history log of all file
> and directory operations done by ZTree. It would however be a gigantic
> ever-growing text file and slow down operations, so I do not ZEP this
> idea.

That's an interesting idea. It could be truncated to only have the last 2 days of operations. Would it be useful beyond that? I think I would use it perhaps once a year if it was available, mainly to see what happened after I've done something like typing in a search string without starting a search command first. Strings with a Y in them after an R or a D are quite dangerous when you do that.

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