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[Q] Can ZTree (Will ZTree be able to) handle case sensitive files and folders?   [Q]

By: Ian Binnie   Homepage   Sydney  
Date: Jun 21,2018 at 20:05
In Response to: [Q] Can ZTree (Will ZTree be able to) handle case sensitive files and folders? (Peter Shute)

> > This is confusing. NTFS has always been case sensitive (at least
> in
> > Win2K & XP - the latest I have), the API are not. It is Windows that
> > is/was not case sensitive.
> Not sure what you mean. Windows has always correctly stored the file
> and dir names using the case specified, but hasn't allowed
> "duplicates" using different case. Are you saying it's always been
> technically possible to store files of the same name but different case
> on an NTFS system?

Yes. I experienced this issue when working with Linux.

As far as I remember it was possible to handle case-sensitive names using one of the escape sequences in API calls - probably the same used to handle very long paths.

Unfortunately I don't remember details - I haven't done any Windows programming for years, but this was discussed on this site at the time.

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