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By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Jun 28,2018 at 13:58

The Document Menu: - A new, basic feature that will provide a default (at ZTW install), and user-customized configurations.

Currently, ZTW uses the 'F1' key to access Help... and the 'F9' key to access the Application Menu.

Similarly, the 'F2' key would access a 'Document Menu' -- a hierarchical menu, somewhat similar to the F9 Application Menu -- to be used, for example, to rapidly Open frequently- or urgently-required files

Initially, the Document Menu will be used to list, select (highlight), and then instantly View (in ZTW's internal file viewer) the ZTW-related text documents and configuration files -- such as ZTW.txt, README.txt, FAQ.txt, and HISTORY.txt -- and, to View or Edit the ZTW config files -- including, ARCHIVER.BB2, ZCOLORS.ini, and ZNOLOG.ini.

When viewing a text document, that has previously been selected from the F2 Document Menu, the first press of the Escape key would exit back to the Document Menu, and the second press of the Escape key would then Hide the menu, and return to the initial 'working point' in ZTree... Alternately, when viewing a text document selected from the F2 Document Menu, again pressing the F2 key would Hide both the text document and the Document Menu -- and later, pressing the F2 key once again would restore the view of that text document, exactly as it appeared at the time it was hidden. (Pressing the Escape key would exit from this loop.)

In general, when returning to the Document Menu, the *same* document as was selected the previous time will again be highlighted. This means that the user can repeatedly return to viewing the same document by pressing F2 twice -- or alternately, repeatedly return to the initial 'working point' in ZTree, by pressing the Escape key twice.

The F2 Document Menu would also rapidly Open ZTW's PDF document, as well as various user-configured 'document' files, using the 'O' key to Open the selected document in the 'Windows default program' (as determined by its file extension) -- programs such as eBook viewers, Image viewers, Audio players, or Video players, etc.. As usual, the Escape key would be used to Exit from the Document Menu, at any time.

A separate, editable configuration file -- such as DOC_MENU.ini -- would record the Document Menu's list of documents, and each of the document Paths, or URLs... The various, listed paths could lead to local or network drives -- or to the Internet (http, ftp, etc.) -- or to the Cloud (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) -- and so forth.

A new ZTW key command, perhaps Ctrl-F2, could be used to "send" any selected (highlighted) file's Path and Name from Ztree to the F2 Document Menu list -- (found in the 'DOC_MENU.ini' configuration file) -- for subsequent editing...


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