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[OT] AutoHotKey - I need some help   [OT]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jul 09,2018 at 16:36
In Response to: [OT] AutoHotKey - I need some help (Doug Borg)


Do you have to use the clipboard manager?
Can you disable it, and implement what it does for you in AHK?

If the text you want to paste is in the standard clipboard and it's just you cannot do Ctrl-v

Maybe this will help

SetKeyDelay, 5, 10
Send {Raw}%Clipboard%

or this

nCount := 0
; Escape send key modifiers
sMunged := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "([!#\+\^\{\}])", "{$1}", nCount, -1, 1)
SetKeyDelay, 5, 10
SendEvent %sMunged%
sMunged := ""

Another thought.
Is what is in the clipboard the wrong format for the dialog to accept?

i.e. may use something like http://www.freeclipboardviewer.com/ to see which formats are on the clipboard.


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