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[Wish] Two needs - Prompt for folder access and copy to clipboard   [Wish]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Jul 17,2018 at 11:38

There's a couple of things I have wished for Ztree to do for many years and I thought I'd see if I could once again broach the subjects without devolving into an M$ complaint session. That horse has been beaten to dust, and since I don't work for them there's nothing I can do to effect change. :)

First, originally posted here:


I work extensively with MSSQL Servers and often need to navigate to folders which when visited by Windows Explorer elicit a prompt to permanently grant myself permission to access the folder. See the graphic posted in the link above.

It would be helpful to me if Ztree could also elicit the same prompt without me needing to SHIFT-F10 launch Windows Explorer and get the prompt. It's not that big a deal since once granted the access is permanent, but it seems like Ztree should be able to prompt such a thing. I understand that when logging an entire branch it should not elicit such a prompt, but when logging an individual folder it seems like the right thing to do.

My second item relates to the fact that I spend many hours per day using Remote Desktop to work on client servers. I've got 4 monitors and often have 3 of them occupied with RDP sessions. One of the beautiful aspects of RDP is that you can use Windows Explorer to copy/paste files or branches of directories from one computer to another just like you were sitting there at the other machine. Thus here is another place where I need to break my continuity in Ztree and run Explorer to copy and paste files.

I know there have been macros made to copy tagged files to clipboard, but I have not had particularly good experiences with them in years past and gave up for the simplicity and reliability of using Windows Explorer.

I wonder Kim, if we couldn't have a discussion about finding a way of being able to copy files or directories to (& possibly even from?) the Windows Clipboard in the same way that can be done with Windows Explorer? It would make Ztree much more useful in a Remote Desktop environment.

I broached the subject before, asking if the right click context menu could actually do something when choosing "Copy".




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