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[Help!] Compare local file list with my Google Drive list?   [Help!]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Jul 20,2018 at 12:16

I was embarassed at the optometrist's office after the clerk asked for my Medicare card and my health insurance supplement card. I wasn't able to fetch jpg photos of them on my Google Drive folder. Up to then I was so proud that I had finally sprung for that paid cloud account which allowed me to mirror some 32 Gb of my files where I would no longer worry about my local drive crashing, house fire, etc. I would also have remote access to them when I needed them -- like now -- I thought.

I had to go to my house, get the original documents from our safe -- then bring them back to the clerk so she could harvest the information she needed.

After I got back home and onto my desktop, I discovered that those two files were indeed on my hard drive but had not made their way onto Google Drive's folder by the same name.

It made me wonder -- how many of the some 17,000 local files have never made it to Google cloud.

Question: is there a way in which I can use ZtreeWin to log to Google Drive folders, then do a Compare -- as if with a local directory?


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