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FYI Upgrading Win 7 to Win 10 for free still works   [OT]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Jul 26,2018 at 19:55
In Response to: FYI Upgrading Win 7 to Win 10 for free still works (John Leslie)


Click "Update now".

This will do an in-situ update, ie it will update existing Windows installation leaving all programs and data intact or you can do a slash and burn install that won't use anything from the previous install (except serial number). All Windows created folders or user created folders under C:\Users\UserID will be moved under C:\Windows.old. All user or program created folders under C:\ will be left in place.

This will create a digital license linked to the hardware of the PC, ie you have to be connected to Internet and possibly be logged in to a Microsoft account, ie a Hotmail, Live or Outlook.com account, for this to happen.

If you then wish to do a bare metal install on the existing disk or if you wish to install a new disk, eg to upgrade from HDD to SSD, click on "Download tool now". This will create a 4.4GB bootable USB or DVD that will allow you to do this. You can only activate the install if you have Internet access.


1. Older PCs may not be able to boot off a USB drive.

3. If the PC doesn't have an internal DVD drive you can use an external USB DVD drive.

3. To get the PC to boot off external media you will probably have to find the key combination to access BIOS menu to change boot order or to access boot device selection menu.

4. If you have UEFI secure boot enabled by the manufacturer or Bitlocker encryption on the disk, life just got a lot more complicated. The fixes required are beyond the scope of this post.

You can also use the media to do an in-situ update if the PC doesn't have Internet access or only has metered access, ie you pay for the volume of data downloaded. You will have to connect to the Internet within x days to activate the digital license.

Remember you have to update an existing installation of Win 7 or 8/8.1 to create the Win 10 digital license before you wipe or replace the disk.

Andrew Watson

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