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[Help!] Difference between "My Drive" & "Google Drive"?   [Help!]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Aug 01,2018 at 20:40

I'm a recent paid subscriber to the extra Gbytes I need for my personal files of 24 Gb. Supposedly, the main branch of my local Google Drive directory is mirrored to Google's version of their "cloud" storage.

Except they're not -- based on today's accidental discovery. I found that my wife's Medicare card (jpg file) did not show up on my phone while at the doctor's office today. All this after I was on a two hour telecon last night with a techie from Google who said there was a synching problem but that he got it fixed.

Well, after we got home following doctor's appointment, I checked my local drive and found that jpg file is indeed where I had placed it. However, it somehow got synched to a branch called "My Drive" -- not "Google Drive".

Google Drive on the web has 20 branches below it.

For what it's worth, My Drive has only 6 of those branches.

I know little about My Drive because it only appears when I log to Google DRive on the web. I'm guessing it is supposed to mirror Google Drive.

Her Medicare jpg never made it into Google Drive on the web, which is where I tried to view it from my phone today.

After all this I'm wondering if Google Drive on the web is robust and healthy enough to handle the complexities of synching. Do you know of any alternatives?

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