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[Help!] ZTreeWin goes strange after a while of use.   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Aug 19,2018 at 21:38

I know that's a very vague thing to say but bear with me.

Almost 50% of my pc time is spent in ZTreeWin - either editing batch files or running programs so I spend a great deal of time using it.

On very odd occasions (like just now) - I was editing a batch file and things just 'stopped'
I couldn't move the cursor with the keyboard - the mouse still worked so I exited out of the editor saving the file as I went (I was editing the file VIA ZTree).

I ended up back in ZTree and again the keyboard did nothing so I exited it.

Back on the desktop I went to restart the pc & the menu came up as if the ALT key was pressed - so I rummaged around till I found the reset option.

When Win10 restarted It came up with a peculiar screen - wanting me to select an option to continue to Win 10 - which I did.

This has happened a number of times & generally I am either IN ZTree OR running an editor from inside ZTree (Notepad2).

The pc seems to think the ALT key has been pressed and is being held down continuously.

I'm running version 2.4.170 (I know it's not the latest but this has occurred on numerous previous versions of ZTree.

Anyone any ideas ??

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