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[Help!] ZTreeWin goes strange after a while of use.   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Aug 20,2018 at 19:45
In Response to: [Help!] ZTreeWin goes strange after a while of use. (Ben Kent)

> > On very odd occasions (like just now) - I was editing a batch file
> and
> > things just 'stopped'
> > I couldn't move the cursor with the keyboard - the mouse still
> worked

> David
> Are you using Alt-Edit?
> Are you locking the machine with Ctrl-Alt-Del, or Win-L while ZTree or
> the editor are running?
> Maybe the Alt key is getting logically stuck down.
> Try tapping the modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win, left and right
> versions) in turn. to see if that clears the lock,
> Maybe this AutoHotKey script will help
> http://www.ztw3.com/upfile/keyboardstatus.zip
> Ben


I was changing the word goto into GOTO and got as far as GOTgoto when it stuck.
That's the way I edit - change the word then delete the old bit afterwards.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't using Alt-Edit not C.A.D or Win-L.

I'm also sure I tried tapping the Modifier keys (although probably not all of them)

I'll have a look at the script - but again this happens so infrequently.

Thank you.

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