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F9 menu script   [Wish]

By: Graeme Hoose       
Date: Aug 29,2018 at 21:51
In Response to: F9 menu script (Martijn Coppoolse)

> I’m confused. What "start" command are you talking about?
> The command explorer.exe
> /select,"%1" simply launches color="#003399">explorer.exe, the Windows Explorer, and
> passes the command-line options color="#003399">/select,"%1" to it. This causes it to
> open a Windows Explorer window, and select the specified file or folder.

The F9 writes a batch file and then runs it, doesn't it? I never used it before. So I figured it must insert or assume a start command, and I wondered what other parameters might apply.

Just typing "explorer.exe /?" at the command prompt doesn't help. So I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, but it did.


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