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[Help!] Merge Multiple Folders with same files into 1 Folder   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Sep 06,2018 at 07:39

I have a number of Folders that may or may not contain identically sized
& named files that I wish to merge into 1 single folder.

Using Ctrl-Move and 'neVer' option I can move uniquely named files
into that folder which leaves me with files in original folders that
are identically named but may have different sizes.

How come we don't have a 'saMe' option in the Ctrl-Move which
would allow identically named & sized files to move into the
destination folder replacing the file already there
(I know that's a waste of operation - but how else would you do it).

That then leaves identically named files with different sizes
in the original Folders.

OK - that's a whinge - but how would you do it ??.


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