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Use Alt Mirror with the Sync one way option   [Help!]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Sep 07,2018 at 06:29
In Response to: [Help!] Merge Multiple Folders with same files into 1 Folder (David Wall)

> OK - that's a whinge - but how would you do it ??.

Choose a target branch and for each source branch do the following:

Use Alt-Mirror with the F8 Sync one way option and the default F4 replace Older option.
This will overwrite files with the same name in the target folder if they are older.
You can also us the F4 replace Diff sub-option
In that case any files with the same name that differ in size or date+time will be overwritten.

When ZTree has finished you can delete the source folder.

The process is risky and you may overwrite files you should have kept.

If you want to be cautious, you will have to make the decision which files to overwrite yourself.

Tag files that are unique in the source branch. Then invert the tags. Manually compare the tagged files with their equivalents in the target branch and remove the tags from the ones you don't want to copy across. Finish with an Alt-Copy.


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