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[Bug] Print to Catalog exits out on long file list.   [Bug]

By: David Wall       
Date: Sep 09,2018 at 02:56

I have a large list of files that I've been playing with deleting duplicates.
This has involved printing the file list to a file via Print Catalog of Logged files.
A couple of problems have arisen during this.

1. A number of the files have long file names which causes the subsequent
listing to 'wrap' at column 75.

This setting can be changed from 75 to 80, 132 & off.
Since I am 'printing' to a file & not a printer I would prefer to have this setting
'always' set to off.
There appears nowhere to 'fix' this setting - in Alt-F10. Should there be ?.

2. As I said - I have a lot of files - approx 130,000 - but at the end - when the
file has been produced ZtreeWin exits out without a whimper.
Surely this shouldn't happen.

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