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Context 'Send To' Explorer - not working from ZTree   [Wish]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Sep 17,2018 at 02:36
In Response to: [Wish] Feature request - new action: "explore to" (Art Kocsis)

>> If you Shift-F10 on a file, I don't know of a way to open Explorer
>> with that file highlighted... but the context menu is still useful.

> Wouldn't a "Send to" context menu entry work?

I tried to - have a shortcut "Xplorer here" in Shell:SendTo which contains
%windir%\system32\Explorer.exe /select,
- but launched from ZTree, it does nothing :-(

BTW, called from Total Commander (Win7 here), it works!

So what is wrong with the Context menu support that Windows provides when called from ZTree?
Are there restrictions, or has M$ reduced the support of Console mode programs?
To test this:
Has anyone a console mode program at hand which supports a Context menu call, to test this?


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