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[Help!] Command Line Filters   [Help!]

By: Pat Gilbert     Brisbane, Australia  
Date: Sep 17,2018 at 06:22

At work, our IT dept recently changed Anti-Virus platforms to one called TRAPS. This application prevents some ransomeware and malware by creating dummy files in the root and other directories that are named along the lines of


The application also creates directories with similar names and places dummy files in these also. The dummy files appear at the start and end of the directories and when an application tries to edit or rename them, TRAPS is triggered to shut the application down that initiated it (ZTreeWin in this case).

In windows these files are typically hidden from view but they create an unsightly mess in my ZTree operations.

The only way I think I can deal with this is to create a set of default filters so they are not displayed.

The following filter works in ZTree but not in the shortcut properties command line.


If however, I use just a single filter then this works in both ZTree and the shortcut.

So my question is - Can multiple filters be used on the command line at all?

Also, is there a way to apply filters to directories as well?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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