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[Wish] need a seconday Open function maybe enhancing Alt-Open a little   [Wish]

By: David Wall       
Date: Oct 01,2018 at 20:47
In Response to: [Wish] need a seconday Open function maybe enhancing Alt-Open a little (Ryan)

> Hello.
> unicode file names like "??.mp4" do not work in F9 ztreemenu, but
> they work in ztree's "O"pen function.
> and if the certain codecs of mp4s with unicode file names do not work
> with your mainstream program, this seems to be the end. so I need a
> secondary "O"pen function.
> my suggestion could be something like enhanching alt-Open function.
> if alt-Open does not find c:\ztree\mp4.bat then alt-open works like
> an old way.
> if alt-Open finds c:\ztree\mp4.bat, then it looks for a file name
> "mp4.altbat" and runs it like a batch file.
> or is it possible to code ztree like this way?
> if alt-open is invoked, ztree passes a string, let's say this string
> is var$="xyz"
> if mp4.bat sees an extra "xyz" then it passes that "xyz" into the
> script like
> if var$="" then mp4player1.exe %1
> if var$="xyz" then mp4player2.exe %1
> what other ways might be there?

I tried requesting something somewhat similar back in 2017 with little response
My request might possibly have been used in your situation also.

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