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Doesn't work here   [Help!]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Oct 11,2018 at 10:30
In Response to: Works fine here (Martijn Coppoolse)

It does not work here on my Windows 7 machine running ZTree x64 v2.4.186

When I Shift-F10 Copy a file here using Ztree, in Explorer the paste option is then greyed out.

There is some interaction happening though because if I CTL-Copy a file in Explorer and then confirm in Explorer that the Paste context menu is active. But then as soon as I Shift-F10 Copy a file with Ztree, the paste option in Explorer is greyed out again.

I've longed for this ability for many years in Ztree as I work often with multiple monitors displaying multiple Remote Desktop machines. Windows will Copy/Paste between then nicely, but I wish I could just do it in Ztree.

It would be nice if Ztree had some kind of "Clipboard Inspector" that lets you see the logical content of the clipboard. By logical I mean the data type. Whether or not it's a file or a folder or a folder of files or a branch of folders and files. IE, it's something that can reasonably be expected to paste onto a directory tree... and do it.

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