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Working on Win8.1, maybe ZShell needs updating   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Oct 12,2018 at 03:56
In Response to: Working on Win8.1, maybe ZShell needs updating (Ben Kent)

I just tried it on Windows 10 on a home computer, didn't work. The paste option in Explorer was greyed out like at work. That's with v2.4.166.

> To see the differences of what Explorer and ZSHELL put on the clipboard
> use a clipboard viewer like
> https://www.nakka.com/soft/clcl/index_eng.html

I installed that, and had a look what was in the buffer - not much, just a bit on unintelligible hex.

Then I did a copy with Explorer to see what the buffer should look like. I could see the name and path of the file.

Then I tried it in Ztree to watch it change back to not much, but it didn't. Now it's working! Did this CLCL program do something to help Ztree work?

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