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Working on Win8.1, maybe ZShell needs updating   [Help!]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Oct 12,2018 at 13:02
In Response to: Working on Win8.1, maybe ZShell needs updating (Peter Shute)

> Then I tried it in Ztree to watch it change back to not much, but it
> didn't. Now it's working! Did this CLCL program do something to help
> Ztree work?

Interesting. I just experienced the same thing. I have a program called Ditto...


Your basic portable clipboard caching viewer. Once I had that active and copied a file with Ztree's Shift-F10 menu then it was available to paste using Windows Explorer.

I started to wonder if this didn't have something to do with Ztree's commandline. Mine is this: C:\Ztree\ZTW64.EXE /APIT

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