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[BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Oct 19,2018 at 05:00
In Response to: [BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy (Colin Liebenrood)

> On an archive containing a sub-folder with relative paths:
> 1. Alt-F5 to open the archive.
> 2. Select the folder, then Ctrl-T to tag all files.
> 3. Highlight the parent and choose B[ranch].
> 4. Alt-C[opy] to Duplicate paths and Extract. Press Enter [OK]
> 5. Press Y to automatically replace all files :: Nothing happens
> 6. Repeat 4, then press N, then A[ll] :: Copy as requested.
> Colin

Adding to Hartmut's comments.

Try running ZTree with the /DEB switch and inspect the archiver command line.

Which type of archive? (zip, rar, 7z, ...)
What is the corresponding entry in ARCHIVER.BB2?
What is the version of that archiver?
Is the bitness of ZTree and the archiver different and you are extracting to a path that gets redirected for 32bit processes?


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