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[BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy   [Zeta]

By: Colin Liebenrood       
Date: Oct 19,2018 at 13:37
In Response to: [BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy (Ben Kent)

> > On an archive containing a sub-folder with relative paths:
> >
> > 1. Alt-F5 to open the archive.
> > 2. Select the folder, then Ctrl-T to tag all files.
> > 3. Highlight the parent and choose B[ranch].
> > 4. Alt-C[opy] to Duplicate paths and Extract. Press Enter [OK]
> > 5. Press Y to automatically replace all files :: Nothing happens
> > 6. Repeat 4, then press N, then A[ll] :: Copy as requested.
> >
> > Colin
> Adding to Hartmut's comments.
> Try running ZTree with the /DEB switch and inspect the archiver command
> line.
> Which type of archive? (zip, rar, 7z, ...)
> What is the corresponding entry in ARCHIVER.BB2?
> What is the version of that archiver?
> Is the bitness of ZTree and the archiver different and you are
> extracting to a path that gets redirected for 32bit processes?
> Ben
Thank you for your responses. It's a ZIP archive, using 7-ZIP version 16.
My description turns out to be incomplete and inaccurate - sorry.
If the files don't exist in the destination folder, then it works as expected. My situation was that the files existed, but had been modified by another process, so I wished to restore them.
Then I said the step 5 Y does nothing; it actually extracts the files into the parent folder that contains the archive. (This was a full folder, so I hadn't noticed.)

A sample archive (which includes my archiver.bb2) has been uploaded to http://www.ztw3.com/upfile/sample.zip


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