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[BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy   [Zeta]

By: Colin Liebenrood       
Date: Oct 24,2018 at 12:43
In Response to: [BUG] Alt-F5 Alt-Copy (Ben Kent)

> That sounds like lines 5 and 6 of the ARCHIVER.BB2 entry are the same,
> and for some reason ZTree is not using UNZIP*.DLL.
> Did you try running ZTree with /DEB as that would tell you if the DLL
> or an external archiver is doing the extract.
> Working for me.
> Ben

After further investigation, I can now be more precise about the issues. All in a single window.

Firstly, I was missing unzip64.dll from my installation. With that in place, it works correctly, with no information from using the /DEB option.

My original issue was with a 7z archive, so I tested that again:-

Alt-C, Y[es] produces command ...7z.exe e y ....\sample.7z which extracts without paths. That looks like a bug.

Alt-C, N[o], A[ll] produces ...7z.exe x y ....\sample.7z which extracts with paths.

Alt-E, ... is exactly the same.

Thanks for your help.

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