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[ZEP] Rename extra Colons Insert Batch Parameters   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 02,2018 at 18:06

I would like Rename to support more Colons Insert Batch Parameters, particularly a number of the %j (F8 other pane) ones.

%6 is ready implemented

These are possible candidates, the others have invalid file name characters so cannot be used.
%2 drive letter
%4 name
%5 extension
%8 short filename
%a file attributes
%s file size

My use case
With the ZPreview ZAAP running
ZTree in F8 Split mode
One side of the split having scanned jpg files with names like scan0001.jpg
The other pane having media files (music/films)
I want to rename the jpg's to match the corresponding media file.

Currently I use a macro to do the rename.

But it would be much simpler if the following rename mask was supported.




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