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[Q] Odd behaviour comparing local disk with remote share   [Q]

By: Bob Selby       
Date: Nov 21,2018 at 19:52

I am running the latest version of ZTW (2.4.186) under Win7 Pro (64 bit) and I have a networked machine that is sharing drive C: (it is also WIN7 PRO but 32bit).

I am copying a large directory structure to the remote system - it does that without error.

When I log the local tree it shows :-

DISK Statistics
Files 2,705
Bytes 272,438,792

However, when I log the remote drive it shows :-

DISK Statistics
Files 2,561
Bytes 3,817,754,316

Even more confusing, when I run ZTW directly on the remote system I get :-

DISK Statistics
Files 2,621
Bytes 83,578,489

Why on earth is this.

Interestingly, if I run diffmerge between the local and remote it sees all the files with no diferences and an identical number of files on each side (2499) !!!

Best regards,

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