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[OT] any utility from NirSoft that can disable or enable wifi in command lines?   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 25,2018 at 02:25


does anyone know any utility software from NirSoft that can disable or enable
wifi or lan adapters from the command lines? because XP does not work "netsh interface name..." command, because the network interface names for XP were strickly hidden, they said. if DevCon just does this with 1 Gbyte installation, I can not use this DevCon.exe.

the only things that kind of simulate to work as disabling in XP are below
but they are not good enough.
I must alternatively use the ethernet LAN for MegaSync or online games and WiFi for my neighboring PC's as often as possible.

My XP and Win 8.1 can recognize each other and share files, but my win10 does not give its files to XP or win 8.1. my XP and Win8.1 said that the host(win10) was refusing without the password. I have done everything I know in win 10 to share files with other PC's. Are there any pointers that might help me with few words? finding the answer in the internet has not worked so far.

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