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i understood win10's security for the 1st time   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 25,2018 at 21:53
In Response to: [OT] any utility from NirSoft that can disable or enable wifi in command lines? (Ryan)

> My XP and Win 8.1 can recognize each other and share files, but my
> win10 does not give its files to XP or win 8.1.

I understood this from one website and I learned much about how to use the win10's security for the 1st time. it was about how to bring out "everyone" through "edit" - "add" - "advanced" - "find now"

now my win10 can share files with win8.


how to bring out xp's "everyone" as an user seems to be really tricky. I am working on it at the moment.


for "everyone" as user
i need to make an entire V: as "read only security" except for V:\ABC whose security must be "deny all access".

for "admin" as user
i need to make the entire V: as "full control" including V:\ABC.
this part is easy, because it is the default.

when i selected V:\ABC to have "deny all access" all was greyed out already, so they couldnt be selected.

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