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[OT] network command line help for XP? if there is one   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 27,2018 at 03:24


i am in a total mood for networking since i understood a bit of them 1 or 2 days ago.
I used a bit of VNC server viewer maybe 15 years ago, but the tech was too slow at that time, all was long forgotten, except for "\\"

I need to know if there is a way to do these in XP's command lines.

net share ACER-M=M: /GRANT:EVERYONE,FULL -- this is the XP's default

they are possible in win8 and win10.

the only way I know to make "net share ACER-M=M: /GRANT:EVERYONE,READ" with XP is
to use win explorer to bring out the wizard and do it one by one with a mouse.

if not possible with XP command lines, are there any small utilities that could do in their commands or do faster than win explorer?

what i am planning is put these make, delete, share commands, and with all kinds of commands in F9 Ztreemenu, and to dynamically interact with my other PC's

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