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[Bug] an unicode ZLS does not go to an empty drive.   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 30,2018 at 06:19
In Response to: [Bug] ZLS will not go to a totally empty drive – not confirmed (Antti)

> > AAA.ZLS has L="M:\"
> >
> > if M: is totally empty like no Recycled no RECYCLER, no System Volume
> > Information... etc
> >
> > AAA.ZLS doesnt work, ztree will not go to a totally empty drive.
> Just tested it, and it works here:
> M: is totally empty.
> Ztree goes there when loading AAA.ZLS.

many thanks to your reply that got me testing my ZLS's again.
the subtlely is just a great wonder sometimes.
it turned out that none-unicode ZLS would work as you said.
but I create ZLS's in unicodes only, so that ZLS's can go anywhere.


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