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unicode or none-unicode didnt matter, the bug was from DW or FW   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 30,2018 at 22:06
In Response to: UTF-8 file works here (nomsg) (Kim Henkel)

1. AAA.ZLS has L="M:\" either unicode or none-unicode, it didnt matter
2. M: drive is empty, so it is FAT32 or exFAT

A. moving the ztree cursor over AAA.ZLS and pressing "O"pen worked.
B. Ztree is at diretory window, press control-z, type in AAA.ZLS, enter, this didnt work
C. Ztree is at file window, press control-z, type in AAA.ZLS, enter, this worked

I didnt know any better, I must have carried out an unicode ZLS and a none-unicode ZLS
between a FW (file window) and a DW (dir window) to draw a wrong conclusion, and my apology for this. but the small and tenuous bug is still there. I hope you can find it.


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