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[ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own)   [ZEP]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 02,2018 at 04:10


Many times I have numerous directories that I need to tag all of the contained files without affecting files in other open directories therefore just issuing a CTRl T would not work. Of course what I do now is manually hold the T key down as it advances down to each subsequent subdirectory, but with massive amounts of subdirectories this can get tedius (and painful for my arthritic wrists and hands). A Macro would be the next best thing - but it seems that it could be implemented in the Directory Window mode of Ztree in the same way that Alt T works in File mode, providing options of Tag by Attributes, Up, Down, Name, Extension, and Filter. Currently in the Directory Window mode, the only option given for Alt T is to tag by Attribute.

How about it Kim? There are many of us getting quite old out here who could use a function like this. :)

Tim M.


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