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Control+F7 helpful?   [ZEP]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 03,2018 at 22:52
In Response to: Control+F7 helpful? (Peter Shute)

That is very helpful indeed. I missed that in the help. Thanks. I see your point that perhaps others may not have a need for it especially given the Ctrl-F7 option. With this information and the macro code that Ben supplied, I retract my Zep.

Thanks to the two of you for succinct answers.

Tim M.

> I'm wondering how often people would need to tag all files in all
> subfolders above or below a certain position in a folder. For me, I'd
> normally be tagging all files in either all subfolders or random
> subfolders or perhaps several consecutive subfolders, none of which would
> benefit from tag up/down.
> Control+F7 will tag all files in a branch, if that's helpful to you.

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