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[ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own)   [ZEP]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Dec 05,2018 at 20:29
In Response to: [ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own) (Peter Shute)

> Control+up/down now tags like Alt+Tag, up/down, Alt+up/down tags like
> Alt+Untag, up/down. It's just a convenience thing. I prefer to be able
> to scroll the window up and down.

Hmmm. Another feature in ZTree (among many), that I didn't know about (or forgot)!
It requires an extra keystroke and proper timing to release the Alt key before pressing the arrow key but it does have the same functionality. I may try it but I have been using the Cntl/Alt Up/down method for so long that it is in my muscle memory. I suppose one's preference depends on the relative frequency of tagging vs scrolling operations.

Namaste', Art

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