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m32[ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own)   [ZEP]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 06,2018 at 22:40
In Response to: m32[ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own) (Art Kocsis)

> I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do. As I understand it you
> are working with a set of directories under a parent directory, some of
> which contain tagged files that you want to preserve, and you want to tag
> an arbitrary number of additional directories. You haven't stated any
> criteria for selecting these additional directories (or branches?), but I
> suspect that any auto selection criteria would be complex and probably
> one-off.

It was actually a general question. There have been several instances where I have needed to tag many directories.
> So assuming that you are manually selecting and tagging
> files/directories here's what I would do:
> In the Directory Window, starting at the parent directory - scroll down
> to the next directory
> • If you want to tag/untag the entire current directory (remember: do
> this while in DW mode), press Cntl-T (or Cntl-U to untag)
> • If you want to tag the entire current branch, press B(ranch)
> [switches to File Window mode], then Cntl-T (or Alt-T, down_arrow or
> Cntl-down_arrow depending on your options setting). Press Enter to return
> to DW mode.
> • If you want to tag selected blocks of files in either the current
> directory or branch, press B(ranch) (even for a single directory), scroll
> down to select blocks and alternately press
> Cntl-down_arrow/Alt-down_arrow (or Alt-T/Alt-U,down_arrow), to tag/untag
> all subsequent files below the current selection.

Thank you. Your explanation was very informative.

> Beyond that I don't know what to tell you. Until we have Elon's
> direct mind to computer connection we are limited to an eyes and fingers
> interface.

I'll give you an example - but as I said it was general information. I want for example, to tag all of the directories in a branch (the Branch command given will be extremely helpful in this regard) so that I can move the files out or sometimes if needed delete the files and preserve the directory structure. I know it may seem a useless task but I do have my reasons.

Here is just one.

I store information not on CD or DVD but on the hard drives categorized and indexed in an information library system.

I then use a search program like a library catalog. I used to use Everything (great program but in recent years it started causing problems in starting because of the way it indexed) but switched recently to Ultra Search which seems to be more efficient in using the MFT.

Finally I use Cathy to archive the drives.

The nice thing about this entire information system is that it is fluid. Easily updated and I do update a lot. Or if something really changes, I may scrap the particular category and redo the files in a different directory structure.

I do it with books, saved web pages, freeware, my personal and financial scanned documents, etc.

I use dedicated drives (2 TB to 4 TB portables) for different purposes (plug them in when needed) and these are in turn backed up on different drives once or twice depending on the importance of the information held.

The directory structures can be quite long and complex. The paths can also be quite long. I use the Vsubst program (yes I could type in the substitute command but I need to limit any typing as much as possible) to simplify this. I set paths I use for everyday i.e. S= Research, T = Freeware in Use, etc.

In addition I set macros not only in Ztree but also using Pulover Macro program for various things - again - anything to limit typing as much as possible.

It is a great hobby (and useful) for people with too much time on their hands :)

But, to reiterate, that is only one example. And now you see why I asked it as a general request without getting into the 'weeds'.

Tim M.

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