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[Wiki] Laurent, Is it Possible to get files from closed ztwiki?   [Wiki]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 07,2018 at 12:23

Hi - this message goes to Laurent Duchastel.

I realize that you closed down the Ztwiki site some time ago but I also read where you kept all of the files. I am going through the ZTw3.com back posts and some of them refer to files that you created (macros, etc.) and others that could only be found on the wiki site. These posts in particular rely on those files.

Is it possible to obtain these files from you or would this be too much of a problem?

The last few I encountered were referencing:


Just to name a few.

I was wondering if you have these files zipped up where they could be made accessible again?

Thanks in advance.

Tim M.


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